One of my favourite places to travel to is Athens, Greece!
I have traveled there a few times and have fallen in love with the city more every time.
Athens has alot of things you can do at all hours of the day and night, whether is shopping, site seeing, or going out for a drink.
For me Athens is a very inspirtional city. There is alot of culture.
Im going to share with you some of the amazing places i have been to in athens!

-Esspresaki cafe
-Akropolis parthenon

20131108-124749 pm.jpg

20131108-124759 pm.jpg

20131108-124810 pm.jpg

20131108-124830 pm.jpg

20131108-124849 pm.jpg

20131108-124907 pm.jpg

20131108-124944 pm.jpg

20131108-124958 pm.jpg

20131108-125008 pm.jpg

-Leather jacket – Oasis, £160
– Grey Top with jewels – TOPSHOP, £35
– Skirt – PRIMARK, £10
– Converse – BANK, £45
– Green bag – Folli follie, €150
– Camo navy pants – Zara, £30
– Creme jumper – Zara, £35


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