Statement Jewels!

Statement jewellery can make or break your outfit! Having a wow piece around your neck can make you look a million dollars!
I love big necklaces and i usually wear them with a plain outfit to let the jewels shine or even wear a bow for something different 🙂

20131115-053053 pm.jpg
Necklace from H&M £18.00
20131115-053117 pm.jpg

20131115-061525 pm.jpg
Necklace from PARFOAR (shop in Cyprus) 20.00 euros

Looking around on the internet i found a few pieces that are worth looking at!
Starting of these pieces are from TOPSHOP

20131115-053347 pm.jpg
Blue spike collar £14.50
Item code: 61T25FBLE

20131115-053603 pm.jpg
Rhinestone mix layer chain £45.00
Item code: 61T13FCLR

20131115-053752 pm.jpg
Large bow brooch £8.50
Item code: 61P01FMUL

20131115-053854 pm.jpg
Neon plaque necklace £30.00
Item code: 61O39EMUL

20131115-054358 pm.jpg
Mega stone collar £28.00
Item code: 61T39EMDM

20131115-054519 pm.jpg
Premium snake chain with bow £48.00
Item code: 61KO9FMUL

20131115-060610 pm.jpg
Asos Designix sweet and cool triangle necklace £32.00

20131115-060942 pm.jpg
Mango spike and triangle necklace £35.00

20131115-061141 pm.jpg
Asos jewelled dream necklace £60.00 but at the moment its on sale at £42.00


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