So, today is the day I travel back to England Coventry, for my graduation day tomorrow.
I cant wait to go and see all my friends and get up to the old antics 🙂 im also very excited to see all the christmas decorations, the german market and obviously the shopping. But aside all that im nervous about the graduation ceremony, biggest fear is falling over because of the shoes il be wearing :/ so im praying that doesn’t happen.
On that note, this is what I will be wearing…

Thses are my shoes by TSAKIRIS MALLAS (Greek designer)

20131117-111202 am.jpg
This is me trying them on before I bought them.

20131117-111640 am.jpg

20131117-111648 am.jpg

This is my dress that I bought from asos.

This post wont be all about my outfit for graduation, Im going to include my whole trip so keep an eye out. But for now I need to go back so more news in the next few days xoxo!

Hi guys!
Well im back and I have a few things to share with you!

Firstly graduation was fun, got to see old friends and had a laugh. The bad thing was that it was very cold and raining, Im not a fan of the cold weather.
This was my outfit.

20131121-064135 pm.jpg

And this is where it all went down…

20131121-064337 pm.jpg

20131121-064530 pm.jpg

20131121-064537 pm.jpg

I also had time for a bit of shopping.
I went to the bullring in Birmingham and it was just as I remembered it, amazinggggg! They had the christmas decorations up and it felt like christmas. So i got my shopping on! I found some amazing pieces. I’m going to show you exactly what I mean…

This is what I bought from ZARA and Iam in love with these items…

20131122-063438 pm.jpg

20131122-063450 pm.jpg

20131122-063459 pm.jpg

Some other great buys from RIVER ISLAND…

20131122-063622 pm.jpg

20131122-063630 pm.jpg

20131122-063639 pm.jpg

20131122-063646 pm.jpg

This blazer has TOPSHOP written all over it

20131122-063758 pm.jpg

And finally something a bit more casual SUPERDRY

20131122-063851 pm.jpg


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