Charlotte Simone, Faux fur

I was going to post this yesterday but I didn’t have time, since work is busy this time of the year, but this is too good of a post to not post, so I made time to post it today. 🙂

I was looking on the internet for something new and interesting when I saw this at Vogue online. Charlotte Simone is a scarf label. they have made faux fur scarf that I have fallen in love with.

This would also be a great present for your self or someone special, for this cold weather.

Here are some images from the collection.

Charlotte-Simone-1-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-2-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-3-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-4-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-5-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-8-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-9-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-10-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-11-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-12-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-13-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-14-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-15-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639 Charlotte-Simone-16-Vogue-9Dec13-pr_b_426x639


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