My 2014

So, the New Year, 2014 has officially begun. I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday, I know I did. But now its time to get back to work and reality.

I usually don’t make new years resolutions because I never stick to them but this year I have decided to make a few since I have started a new chapter in my life, have a job and new responsibilities is not a joke. So my new years resolutions are,

  1. Stick to this blog and try to make it as successful as can be.
  2. To not be so shy and express my self
  3. Not give up on my goals

So, so far for my first post for the year 2014 I will revel the new project I am working on. Its all about fashion, photography and design. I decided to produce a project by combining all my passions together, ‘ Combining the worlds of design as I say’.

I’ve always had a lot to say about this field but I never had the courage to ever say my opinion, because I’ve always been a shy person worrying about what people think or might say about me. But over the past few years I’ve started coming out of my shell. This is one of the reasons I started this blog.

But anyway to start this project off I discovered old photos from some photo-shoots I did for projects I did at university and I never really used them till now. What I did was I chose the photos that had potential to be edited and changed.

The models are too wonderful ladies that I personally know. 

I have started to use different effects on most of the photos to see what works best and I ended up putting texture and some of them, which soon will lead to something new.

So for now I leave you with a little teaser of what is to come…ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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