Parisian Chic

Now that fashion week is taking place in the city of love, PARIS. It’s only fitting to talk about the Parisian style.
My sister recently bought me a book called “Paris Street Style. A guide to effortless chic.” (she knows I love books like this.) Anyway, this couldn’t have come at a better time.

So, what is french style?
From what I read in this book, French style is effortless. Compared to the italians who are sophisticated and the english who are eccentric French women are not afraid to go out without make up, their hair not done and their nails not painted. This doesn’t mean that they look a mess when they go out, they just do it in a way which looks clean, elegant and chic.

A quote from Sylvain Le Hen (Hairdresser, founder of Hair DesignAccess) She says it better,

foreigners say French women are gray and beige. They forget the details, and the nuances within the details. The allure of french women lies in simplicity, shown through a well-chosen handbag or a perfect pair of shoes. Americans tend to follow trends. Italians are more Sophisticated. To me, Kate moss in the Saint Laurent ad epitomizes Parisian elegance, with her slightly askew chignon; she’s a chic woman, completely unstudied. that’s my way of working; I like hair that shifts and moves. it dent have to be perfect to convey emotion”

A few examples of the wonderful style,









This is the book, and you can find it on Amazon or Urban Outfitters.

I will also be posting up Paris Fashion Week Fall Street Style 2014.


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