Procrastinate much?

Yes, I’m guilty! I have been procrastinating all summer about getting back to this blog! Well summer is almost over and I have finally decided to post. I have to say though, this summer has been quite busy :/ if you consider me working everyday and trying to fit in time for the beach and going out for a few drinks, just so I can say I’ve actually done something exciting this summer, but by the sound of it and me actually reading what I’ve just written, I actually haven’t done anything that exciting! This is proof that as you get older there are more responsibilities and less play! But anyway enough about me procrastinating! I hope you all had a good summer and are ready to get back to the reality of winter. I know I am. Even though I’ve enjoyed the beach, getting a nice tan and taking advantage of the summer style I am ready to start wearing my coats and boots.

With all that said I will share with you my most successful looks for this summer and not only, but some of my favorite things that I’ve done, and these things are, going out with my amazing friends for drinks, going to  the beach of course and traveling this wonderful island called Cyprus.

I went to the new marina in Limassol, which they did such a good job. It’s very modern and there are a lot of restaurants and coffee shops there. Perfect for a coffee date or a romantic meal.
The nice turquoise blue waters are in Agia Napa! Yes the famous Agia Napa! The beaches in Agia Napa are my favorite to go to! The cold clear waters and white sand are perfect for a relaxing day at the beach!
The next City I visited was Paphos. There I went to enjoy a nice little break from work and treat my self to a little luxury at the Capital Coast hotel. It was so nice and peaceful, you know the usual lounging round the pool all day getting my tan on and of course eating.
last but not least I spent most of my time in my city Larnaca. We have this place called the Mackenzie strip, it has become very popular over the last few years. It is a strip full of beautiful bars, restaurants and clubs, I would highly recommend for anyone visiting Cyprus.
Oh and the photos of me in that amazing French Connecting dress are me going to a wedding, and weddings in cyprus are a huge party, you might as well be in a club, that’s how crazy they get. But yeah the photos are more or less all about the dress.

Well enough of me blabbing on :p

I hope you guys have had an amazing summer 2014!

(P.S The cute little dog is called Mia!)

l k j   f e d c   10628458_721694304546970_2716286727532583155_n 10464287_10204195702642513_3439082475434562081_n 10417556_721694341213633_8664580426341799921_n 10390364_10203821864776800_7628154680310101458_n 1897989_721694327880301_3738627869156294881_n   2014-08-13 19.06.33 2014-07-19 11.36.20




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