OOTD.. The Fedora

Make this outfit, an outfit of the day. I personally love this look and even though winter is gone you still have a little while longer to wear this outfit before it gets really hot. I am in love with fedora hats but I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on one yet unfortunately. so if u own a fedora hat or are planing to get one, then here are some ideas of what you can pair it with.

This look has become more of the Bohemian style, which I like its something different for me an my style and I will be trying this look very soon.



Clothing from FREE PEOPLE

Fedora hats from ASOS


Le Blanc

All white everything!! this is such a chic, modern and clean trend. If you’re a big fan of minimal clothing then this is right up your street. Like I’ve said in a few of my other posts, minimal clothing is always fun to wear because you can dress it up as much as you like and even add your own twist to it and maybe start your own trend if your lucky 🙂 Some people think that minimal is boring but for me it means they don’t have a big imagination. Even though I encourage creativity and changing things up, I still think that leaving it the way it is, is still beautiful, it still has its own style. My favorite combination of this trend is A white blazer and tailored white trousers, and of course I would add a white blouse to the whole thing. But the only thing I would add to this outfit would be some jewelry and it would most likely be gold. If you’re not a big fan of the tailored look you can always wear a cute white mini dress and the blazer it would still work just as well.

These two dresses are from Mango at €39.99 & €54.99


Ganni Gentlemen blazer €266.87                  BCBGeneration €161,53

Esprit white blouse €35.12                         BCBGeneration €105.35

Wearhouse €70.23                                       Asos Trousers €56.18


Topshop earings & bracelete £8.50 each
Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 10.59.46 AMScreen Shot 2014-04-03 at 10.59.04 AM

Cyprus Beauty

This one is for all you beauty fans.

This past week I had a photo shoot done because a portrait of me is going to be done as a present from my godfather. So it was the prefect time to go and get my make up done by this amazing girl I know. Her name is Izambella (Isabela) she is from Cyprus and is just about to finish school. So who ever lives in Cyprus or is coming to visit keep in mind that this girl will make you look amazing for any occasion.

For more information about Izambella here is her Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Izambella-Theognosia-make-up-hair/495539363866151

Most of the products used were MAC. The style I was going for was natural and I think she pulled it of very well, here is a make up pallet of colors to give you an idea.

These are the photos and have a look at the amazing make up.



DSC_5527 copy


The Printed Tee

A printed tee is a must have item to have in our wardrobes. The reason why?
Well, you can wear it in lots of different ways, you can dress it up or down!

For example, a printed tee can be warn with a pair of jean short, some rocker booties and there you have your casual rocker outfit. But you can also wear a printed tee with a high wasted skirt, some pumps and a bit of jewelry and there you go, perfect outfit for a night out with you girl friends.

All in all you can wear a printed tee with anything, the design on the top will add more to your outfit and sometimes you don’t need to add jewelry to it, because the top will do it all for your outfit.
So, it’s a look worth trying. Here are some ideas of wear you can find the Printed Tee…

Karen Millen- €77.25


Criminal Damage- €35.15




Stussy Vest- €42.76



Criminal Damage €35.12



Asos Crop top-€16.86



Topshop – £50

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 5.24.07 PM


Asos – €35.12



Asos Boyfriend top- €28.09



H&M- €14.95

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.23.17 AM


Helmutlang – €125

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.50.12 PM


Topshop – £22.00

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 5.25.08 PM

Topshop and Adidas Originals

A collaboration that i wasn’t expecting, but glad it happened because it looks like a hit.
Topshop and Adidas have their own original style and the fact that they have mixed is brilliant. They took the floral trend to a whole different level, floral hasn’t been done like this before.
There isn’t much more i can say, you need to see it.
















New Season Accessories

As I’ve said a million times it’s the new season, Spring! but I haven’t said that it gives us every excuse to shop and update our Spring wardrobe. So, to get the ball rolling if it hasn’t started already here are some ideas of what you need to have in this Spring wardrobe of yours.

Tip: keep an eye out for the mirror sunglasses I have a feeling they will be all over the place this Summer.

Asos, £16.86


New Look, £28.08



Asos, £28.09



Linda Farrow for Philip Lim £251.42


Asos, £49.16





Asos, £14.05







Linda Farrow for Philip Lim, £251.42


Instagram inspiration

Lately I have been getting inspired by a lot of things and one of the major sources is Instargram. Besides the friends i have on Instargram my feed is full of fashion updates from various fashion publications such as Vogue and Interview, also Net-a-Porter updates you on the latest trends but the arrangements and styling can give you so many ideas. Even other bloggers inspire, i think its part of the job right? :p  But anyway this is what has inspired me lately.

Enjoy xoxo

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